Green Teacher has been around for… a while. Our story began in Wales in 1986 (!), and then in early 1991 we found ourselves in Canada, where we are a registered charity serving a global network.

What’s Green Teacher’s raison d’être? Our mission is to enhance environmental literacy among young learners by equipping both practicing and aspiring environmental educators in all educational contexts with innovative, relevant, evidence-based resources through our five channels:

  1. Quarterly digital magazine / resource hub: Each time the seasons change, a new issue of our digital magazine is published. Those with individual or discount bulk subscriptions (schools, boards/districts, faculties of ed., organizations) gain access to each new issue as well as our growing archive of 500+ vetted, tested, ready-to-use activities, lessons, and articles.
  2. Books: Each of the 10 books we’ve produced serves as an educator’s toolkit full of ready-to-use activities and lessons. Our two most recent books are Teaching Kids About Climate Change and Teaching Teens About Climate Change, and these are available on Canada’s Non-profit Outdoor Learning Store in their Climate Change & Sustainability Section.
  3. Podcast: Talking with Green Teachers: Our fast-growing podcast (heard on six continents and over 55 countries!) is where we discuss the big questions in outdoor/environmental education with innovators from this diverse field. We also offer the Earthy Chats Podcast in partnership with Canada’s Non-profit Outdoor Learning Store! Subscribe to both for free on your favourite podcast app.
  4. Webinar: Our fall and winter/spring webinar series include virtual presentations, workshops, and live discussions. Each webinar is completely free. And we also offer webinars in partnership with Canada’s Non-profit Outdoor Learning Store! Register here.
  5. Professional development and consulting: We would be happy to help your school, board/district, faculty of ed., or organization enhance outdoor and environmental education through customized consulting or professional development.

We’re ever on the lookout for partnerships. If engaging with one or more of our five channels could help you leverage the important work that you’re doing, drop us a line at

Thank you for helping us further realize our vision of ensuring that each successive generation of young learners is more environmentally literate than the last.