Green Santa coming to Canada!


Green Santa is coming to Canada!

Winter is upon us and as the bare trees ache for their wintry blankets and we dream of snow angels and sculptures and the whoosh of cold air on our face as we ski or skate, it’s also time to think of Christmas – we can’t be late!

This year, Canada’s Non-Profit Outdoor Learning Store has employed the help of our Energy Efficient Elves (see photo at the bottom of this post) to sort some green gifts for your energetic, excitable, outdoor mini adventurers. Utilizing recycled packaging and ethically sourced materials, this social enterprise gives back to environmental education with every purchase, so you can be sure your gift is a good one – not just for your one recipient – but for youth across Canada.

To help you choose the right gift for your little explorer or teacher we’ve collated the list of our favourite 10 sustainable stocking fillers in the store. Any questions? Our elves are happy to answer questions at

  1. Sit Pads: Who likes a cold bum? NOONE! Tested across the board, our recycled, waterproof and durable sit pads are a winner with young and old ($25)
  2. Nature Viewer: Whether it’s a pine cone, mushrooms or bugs and slugs our 2-way nature viewer is a super fun exploring tool to focus in and connect kids more to the world around them ($15)
  3. Binoculars: Does your mini one like to keep an eye in the skies out for santa? Or other cool natural phenomena? Then look no further than our 10x magnification binoculars. Things will never look the same again.($30)
  4. Handheld Field Magnifiers: There’s not only looking up in the sky, but down at the ground and the ridges in tree bark and snowflakes and animal tracks and so much more… Our handheld magnifiers are comfy for even little hands and will help make the mandatory boxing day family walk even more exciting! ($9)
  5. Waterproof Journal: When you’re doing all this exploring its good to be able to make notes on where the best fort building spots are, draw birds or animals you see, map out the area or write down all the great things you think about when you’re out in nature – these waterproof journals are tough, pocket sized and ready to go wherever you do! ($15)
  6. Water Test Kit: Is your mini one a budding scientist? Let them delve into a scientific life with one of our water testing kits from Water Rangers. We’ve got a tiny kits for tiny hands ($25) and our ‘compact’ but more in depth and quality kit for your aspirational offspring ($135)
  7. Laminated Nature Guides: From pond life to animal tracks, bugs to pollinators, and birds to wildlife, we’ve got durable, waterproof, colourful folded nature guides to educate and inspire your  budding naturalist – support your burgeoning biologist ($10)
  8. Sila and the Land: Three young Indigenous women came together to write this beautiful story of a young Inuk girl who goes on a journey across the North, East, South and West. Along the way Sila meets different animals, plants and elements that teach her about the importance of the land and her responsibilities to protect it for future generations.
  9. Indigenous Plant Cards: Is there anything better than walking around being informed by the next generation about what a plant is, where it came from or how it has been used for millennia? If that’s not happening yet, just buy these Pacific Northwest Plant Cards and watch and see ($40).
  10. Aquatic Dip Nets: Paired with our pond life guide, you just try to keep them indoors come rain or shine when they could be out dipping and diving for macroinvertebrates. There’s nothing quite like the discovery of ‘magic’ creatures that appear as if from nowhere in the vegetation around water bodies. ($5)

 To make sure you receive by December 25th, we recommend ordering by December 5.

Visit to learn more about Canada’s Non-profit Outdoor Learning Store and the work we do to connect students and educators with equipment and resources to take their learning outside. 

You can check out the full range of resources available and find your next green stocking filler. Then, enjoy the knowledge that your mini one will be so busy playing and having fun they won’t even know that they’re learning as they do it!

Happy Holidays to you all!