Partner Feature: Ocean Wise


Ocean Wise is a global conservation organization on a mission to build communities that take meaningful action to protect and restore our ocean. Through research, education, innovation, and collaboration, Ocean Wise aims to turn the tide on three major ocean challenges: ocean pollution, overfishing and climate change. By creating communities of concern that include industries, governments, and everyday citizens, Ocean Wise’s vision is to create a future where our ocean and the people who depend on it can thrive.  Ocean Wise is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. With staff in Canada, the United States, and Chile, our work reaches over a dozen countries around the globe.

Ocean Wise Education:

Educating young and curious minds is the key to ocean conservation. Ocean Wise Education connects youth globally through digital, in-person and mobile programs that encourage ocean literacy and foster a sense of stewardship from an early age – covering young ocean enthusiasts from toddlers to late teens. The Ocean Wise Education program offers unique and fun pathways to engage youth, see some highlights below!

Ocean Wise Sea Dome

The Ocean Wise Sea Dome is an immersive ocean adventure that brings marine magic to communities everywhere. The portable, inflatable six-metre dome projects 360-degree 4K cinematic footage showing connections between ocean health, climate change, and daily life. Currently available in Canada, the Sea Dome is available for booking at schools and community events!

Ocean Wise Discovery Kits

Discovery Kits are a free hands-on resource that teachers and educators can bring into their classrooms. Each borrowable kit will bring ocean education to the forefront of young minds with artifacts, books, activities and more. To accompany the kits, Ocean Wise offers free “Ask an Expert” Q&A sessions to take student knowledge deeper. Shipped free anywhere in Canada!

Ocean Wise Virtual Programs

Get your feet wet – virtually! Ocean Wise offers live virtual workshops guided by Ocean Wise experts with an environmental and climate change focus. Students will play mini games, lead their own discussions and enjoy some surprises along the way. With topics like “Whales: Poop, Drones, and Hydrophones”, “Introducing Jaws”, and “Coral Reefs: Nature’s Jungle Gym”, there’s plenty to get kids excited about ocean conservation. Workshops range in topic and length and are tailored for elementary, secondary, or adult audiences. Available for classrooms and groups anywhere with an internet connection!

Ocean Wise Education Kits

Ocean Wise Education Kits are designed to support educators in bringing ocean literacy into their classrooms! Each free, downloadable kit covers a theme and includes a teacher  toolkit and student workbook. Kits are available for elementary, middle, and secondary school students and are offered in both English and French. The current kits cover topics including Ocean Plastics, the ecosystem of Howe Sound, and Species at Risk.

On May 16, Ocean Wise will be hosting a workshop with other water education experts from Water Rangers and Project Wet on Resources for World Oceans Day, on ways to connect your classroom to awe-inspiring water education for World Oceans Day! Learn more and register here.

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