Strong Nations Resources


Strong Nations is an Indigenous-owned and operated online book and gift store and a publishing house. They focus on publishing works by Indigenous authors and illustrators, mainly for use in education. A secondary focus includes publishing resources that supplement Indigenous offerings, building on and supporting themes such as respect for the environment, community building through sharing culture and stories, and social responsibility.  As one of the few Indigenous-owned and operated publishers in Canada, they are proud to prioritize the publication of Indigenous works and the sharing of Indigenous voices.  

We offer these Strong Nations Resources:

  1. Pacific NorthWest Plant Cards
  2. Strong Stories Bundle
  3. Groundswell
  4. Indigenous Learning Bundle – Animals Care for Mother Earth
  5. Metis ‘Connecting to the Land’ Kids Book Bundle
  6. A Spring Adventure with Animals Book Bundle
  7. Orange Shirt Day Books & Educational Resource Package
  8. Strong Science Animals: Indigenous Resource Bundle
  9. We Are All Connected Indigenous Biodiversity Book Bundle
  10. I Am the Elwha
  11. Every Child Matters Lanyards