Facilitating from the Heart: 4 Seasons of Indigenous Learning Reflection


Facilitating from the Heart

A free learning opportunity for Organizational Leaders who would like to host regional/state/provincial sharing & reflection circles to support 4 Seasons of Indigenous Learning participants in your geographic area.

You can do one or both – they can be stand-alone, but the ideal is to attend both to allow the skills to grow and flow more easily.

  • Facilitating from the Heart: Workshop 1 – 1 Learning Hour: Wednesday, June 19th 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern time – Register Now
  • Facilitating from the Heart: Workshop 2 – 1 Learning Hour: Wednesday July 17th 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern time – Register Now

Living in reciprocity, when we have been given knowledge, it is our responsibility to pass it on for the benefit of future generations. This two-session series, designed to support anyone participating in the 2024-25 4 Seasons of Indigenous Learning program.

If you are wanting to dive deeper by participating in or facilitating your own sharing/reflection circle this workshop series will provide practical frameworks and flexible strategies for preparing and hosting meaningful learning spaces.

Welcoming learners of all levels while accommodating different identities and needs is intricate. Working from the heart accesses your own and others moral and ethical knowing, a deeper awareness than is affirmed by the colonial structures most have been raised within.

Participants will learn about and practice methods that have been employed effectively with all ages and stages, engaging in collective transformative learning toward just and sustainable futures.

Meanwhile, we will hold humility as learners ourselves, knowing that even when are facilitating, our own growth is always also a priority.


Andrea Mann is a non-Indigenous teacher, artist, filmmaker, and community organizer who has placed reconciliation intentions at the center of personal and professional learning and action since 2014, when she first learned the truth of Canada’s history (which connects to the history across North America). She is committed to building cross-cultural community and contributing to societal healing toward a just, sustainable, peaceful, healthy, and joyful future for her child and all future generations. She loves the mountains and waters where she lives in Nelson, BC and enjoys canoeing and snowboarding with her family. She also loves reading, writing, and making art, poetry, theatre and media on her own or in collaboration with other artists and thinkers.