Affiliate Partner Agreement: 2024-2025

2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR


As an NAAEE Affiliate Organization, and key state/provincial/territorial outdoor learning non-profit organization, we would like to provide the opportunity for you to partner with us to enhance our collective capacity to achieve our shared mandates of supporting outdoor learning.

The Outdoor Learning School/Store and Take Me Outside are charitable organizations that offer outdoor learning training, tools, resources & equipment for educators & learners while supporting outdoor learning non-profit initiatives.

As an Outdoor Learning Partner, we will provide your organization with:

  1. Seasonal opportunities to connect virtually with other Outdoor Learning Partners
  2. Partner status in our Outdoor Learning Seasonal Virtual Workshop Series, as part of which we will provide an opt-in for educators to receive your e-newsletter
  3. Partner status in our 4 Seasons of Indigenous Learning Course and Outdoor Learning Certification Course, and Seasonal Courses, which you’ll receive a limited number of complimentary spots in, as well as promotional tools & resources
  4. The opportunity to share out your key outdoor learning events and initiatives through our monthly newsletters and social media channels
  5. Discount codes for outdoor learning resources, equipment, tools, apparel and training that you can offer your members, or for special events
  6. The opportunity to access up to 6 x $25 gift cards that you may use as incentives/draw prizes to encourage engagement and participation in your outdoor learning events and initiatives
  7. A $50 coupon for Take Me Outside Apparel that you can use for incentives/gifts/giveaways
  8. Partnership opportunities with Take Me Outside events including Take Me Outside Day, the Take Me Outside for Learning School Year Challenge and the Outdoor Learning Conference
  9. The opportunity to provide direct feedback and suggestions for upcoming virtual workshops, courses, podcasts and resources available on our school/store, including resources or equipment that your organization offers so that we can further support your organization and our initiative
  10. The opportunity to have any resources or kits that you develop be offered through our Outdoor Learning Store sales platform
  11. Regular engaging content to share out through your channels on our various shared resources, workshops, podcasts and other outdoor learning opportunities
  12. In exchange for your promotional support, we will provide 5% of net revenues from the Outdoor Learning Store within your geographic region (state/province) from the date the partnership is signed until July 31 of the agreement year. This will be distributed annually by direct deposit within 90 days of the end of our fiscal year-end (July 31). If this amount does not equal or exceed $250, we will still provide you with $250.00 as an annual minimum contribution.

As an Outdoor Learning Affiliate Partner, we request that you:

  1. Provide us with your logo, a key contact (or contacts)
  2. Engage as much as your capacity allows in this Outdoor Learning Community
  3. Share out our updates on our various outdoor learning resources, training and tools with your networks through your various communications channels. We would appreciate if this could include a minimum of 2-3 annual emails out to your network focused on the training and resources that we offer. We would also suggest that targeted boosted (paid) social posts are an effective way of both building your audience, and increasing engagement in our offerings. We are happy to support any promotional efforts as requested and agreed to.

This partnership agreement is in effect from the date of signing until July 31, 2025. The agreement may be renewed by consent of both parties.

By completing and submitting the information below, you are confirming that you are a representative authorized by your organization to execute this agreement:

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