Ethical Policies & Practices

A Social Enterprise

The Outdoor Learning Store is a social enterprise, with 100% of proceeds going back to supporting outdoor learning non-profit initiatives.

Indigenous Knowledge & Perspectives

We engage a number of Indigenous Advisors to support us in reviewing and curating Indigenous Learning Resources that we have worked hard with Indigenous partners, advisors and organizations to make available. We list each Indigenous language that is available in our resources so that they can be searched in this way.

These are all written, curated and created by Indigenous authors and artists, and they are made available in partnership with a variety of Indigenous organizations. 100% of proceeds from the sale of these go back to supporting these organizations, as well as outdoor learning non-profit initiatives.

We understand that Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives are foundational to outdoor learning, and that we cannot engage in this without undertaking a personal and meaningful learning journey towards Truth and Reconciliation. We have partnered to take a leadership role in this effort by facilitating and learning alongside hundreds of educators through the Every Child Matters Year-long Learning Challenge.

Environmental Operations Policy

Our operations are guided by our Environmental Operations Policy.

This includes that we:

  • Reduce the ecological footprint, air, land and water pollution, and waste stream resulting from of our operations, both internal and external. Goals include, but are not restricted to:
    1. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air contaminants;
    2. Efficient use of energy and water resources;
    3. Reduction in waste, support of reuse and recycling;
    4. Elimination of toxic and hazardous substances.
  • Ensure that we purchase goods and services that have a lesser or reduced impact on the environment over the life cycle of the good or service, when compared with competing goods or services serving the same purpose;
  • Ensure that we, as an environmental education organization, ‘walks our talk’ to the best of our ability.


We have partnered with Columbia Valley Freight and their new fleet of electric vehicles who pick up orders from the Outdoor Learning Store on a weekly basis.

From time to time we also use Spark, Canada’s first dedicated electric vehicle carshare, to transport orders.


We re-use all boxes that come to us from our suppliers, and when required, we purchase boxes with as much post-consumer content as we are able to find locally. We also use 100% recycled packaging material and water-activated packing tape that is made out of 50% recycled paper, and is certified as recycle-friendly.

Any packing slips or posters included in our shipped materials are printed on 100% recycled paper. And our shipping labels are printed with environmentally sensitive labels using environmentally sensitive inks.

Outdoor Learning Store Suppliers

Many of our supplies have strong and long track records in social and environmental responsibility. These include: