I am very excited to have access to local outdoor educational resources which also incorporate local Indigenous content. I cannot wait to use the resources with my students and my own children!

Jenna Jasek

Student Sets for Outdoor Learning

Looking for funding for outdoor learning resources & equipment?

If your classroom, school, school board or organization’s budget doesn’t currently allow you to order outdoor learning equipment, consider these alternative sources of funding:

COVID-19 Response Funds

There are many financial supports available to respond to COVID-19 using outdoor & environmental education. Contact your local community foundation for details.

Parent Advisory Council

Schools often have a PAC that will support these types of purchases

Municipalities/Regional Districts

Many local governments have grant-in-aid programs that can support this type of purchase

Community Foundations

Most communities have community foundations which would gladly support purchases like these

Credit Unions

Often will have sponsorship programs available to support schools in this way

Service Clubs

Lions, Rotary, Kinsmen and other service clubs will often support schools in this way

Learning Outdoors is fun and versatile

Lesson Plans

Check out kbee.ca for more outdoor learning activities


Stay tuned for stories and ideas from fellow educators across the province!

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Creating space outside for learning

Simple equipment options make learning outside easy and effective.

  • Comfortable seating

  • Options like clipboards that make standing and walking learning options

  • Equipment that supports place-based learning (like field guides and binoculars)

  • Gear that keeps students and their stuff comfortable and dry