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Join us for wide-ranging chats with environmental educators about best practices, changing trends, and new insights about the outdoor and environmental learning field. Long-time educators Ian Shanahan from Green Teacher and Jade Harvey-Berrill from The Outdoor Learning Store and Stoked on Science facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas.


Episode 8: Water insights from the headwaters to the open ocean

Water is life – join the water experts as they share their perspective. Want to work with water with your class?  Find the resources here. 

Episode 7: Playing in the muck, art activities, and the walking curriculum

Outdoor learning, walking and inspiring art? Sounds like a dreamy day at school. Find the inspiration for your perfect day teaching here.

Episode 6: Reconnecting with the land through a child’s eyes

We talk in these podcasts, it’s what we do, but more and more we’re trying to elevate the voices of Indigenous creators.

Episode 5: Returning to the Heart of a River

It’s Fall and we’re back to full episodes. This time Eileen Delehanty Pearkes shares her heart, and that of the Columbia River.

Episode 6: Summer Sub Series | ‘Fables from The Field’ | Field Notebooks


More tangible than a photo these days, Field Journals record in so many ways!

Episode 5: Summer Sub Series | ‘Fables from The Field’ | Dip nets

Dip in and around , there’s lots to be found!

Episode 4: Summer Sub Series | ‘Fables from The Field’ | Magnifiers, minerals, and charismatic microfauna

Look closely and you might find something interesting!

Episode 3: Summer Sub Series | ‘Fables from The Field’ | Rain Jackets and Watersheds

So you’re singing in the rain, rather than sinking.

Episode 2: Summer Sub Series | ‘Fables from The Field’ | Binoculars

The future looks brighter and more in focus with the right equipment to hand.

Episode 1: Summer Sub Series | ‘Fables from The Field’ | Sit pads and spots

Get your own sit pad/frisbee/snow sled/comfort cushion here!

In the fourth episode of Earthy Chats, co-hosts Jade Harvey-Berrill and Ian Shanahan chatted with outdoor and garden educator Kaci Rae Christopher, author of The School Garden Curriculum:

Episode 04: Gardening as an entry point to thinking big

In the third episode of Earthy Chats, co-hosts Jade Harvey-Berrill and Ian Shanahan chatted with educator Faye O’Neil of the ʔaq̓am Community in the Ktunaxa Nation! Here’s a sneak-peek at what was discussed:

  • a childhood in nature
  • gaining knowledge from the land
  • gaps in the education system and how to fill them
  • making partnerships and maintaining open dialogue
  • how animals and plants are described in the Ktunaxa language
  • ways to achieve grounding in nature

Faye O’Neil (Cranbrook) is a member of the ?aqam Community in the Ktunaxa Nation. She is the Aboriginal Education Coordinator for Southeast School District No. 5, and she previously worked in Delta School District as an Aboriginal Support Worker. She sits on the ?aqam Education Committee and Lands Committee, the board for the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network, and is one of our Indigenous Advisors for our Non-profit Outdoor Learning store. She also has been actively engaged in supporting educators across the region by helping connect their programs and lessons with Indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and land-based learning.

Episode 03: Braiding Ktunaxa knowledge into learning

Find out more about the Indigenous Resources offered on Canada’s Outdoor Learning Store.

Episode 02: Meet the Envirosongsters!

Find our more and order the resources featured in this podcast:

  1. Think about the Wild
  2. Think about the Planet

Episode 01: Imaginative Ed. and a Walking Curriculum

Find our more and order the resources featured in this podcast:

  1. A Walking Curriculum
  2. Engaging Imagination in Ecological Education