Backpack Explorer 5-Book Set with Nature Collection Box


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The best-selling Backpack Explorer series is bursting with hundreds of activities for nature-based learning, this book set is great for younger learners, ages 4-7.

The Backpack Explorer 5-Book Set with Nature Collection Box includes five books in the series:

  1. On the Nature Trail
  2. Bird Watch
  3. Bug Hunt
  4. Discovering Trees
  5. Rock Hunt

Packed with prompts, activities, interactive field guides, and sensory scavenger hunts, each Backpack Explorer book gets kids outside and exploring the world around them. Colorful, lightweight, and durable, these books are designed to be popped in a backpack and taken along on nature walks—turning any outdoor adventure into an opportunity for nature science learning!

In addition to the hands-on activities, each book includes a magnifying glass for outdoor and on-the-page observing, three sheets of sticker patches for keeping track of nature finds, and a log for recording naturalist notes.

The five books in the gift set are packaged in a nature collection box with sturdy dividers and label stickers for storing and identifying rocks, feathers, leaves, and other nature treasures that kids pick up along the trail.

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ISBN: 978-1635866667

Hardcover – 5-book set

240 pages

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 15 cm
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