Carbon Filter Refill Packs for FoodCycler™


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Compatible with all FoodCycler for Schools and all FoodCycler™ refillable filter systems, the FoodCycler™ Carbon Filter Refill Packs are intended to replace the carbon in the FoodCycler™ Refillable Carbon Filters, ensuring an odourless cycle and minimizing unnecessary packaging waste. All components of this item are recyclable. Each carbon pack will last approximately 3-4 months with regular cycling. The carbon material is an organic compound and completely safe to handle. Used carbon can be disposed of in a green bin, garbage can, backyard composter, or directly into the garden!

  • Designed to eliminate odours during food cycling
  • 4 sets of refills (8 packs in total)
  • Replace both filters’ carbon at the same time for maximum filtration
  • After use, carbon can be applied directly to your garden

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If your FoodCycler™ does not yet have the refillable filter system, please go here to get a filter replacement kit.


  • RC-35 (Carbon Packs): 172mm*152mm*155mm


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 75 × 30 × 30 cm