FutureMakers Learning Program

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A set of flexible classroom resources that inspires students as they learn & design for a hope-filled future

FutureMakers provides students in grades 4 to 7 with the knowledge and inspiration to design a safe, thriving future. Decision-making power is put into students’ hands, giving them space to feel creative, resilient, and capable.

Developed with flexibility in mind and minimal prep required, each lesson can take less than 30 minutes or you can choose to expand the learning with options from the “extension buffet”.  FutureMakers schedule includes 7 video lessons plus build time.  

The FutureMakers program license is valid for 1 year from purchase, and includes:

  • Video lessons – Start each lesson with an inspiring, informative video that introduces one of 5 community design topics (food, waste, water, transportation, energy) that showcase examples of new technology and hope-filled community solutions.
  • Extension buffet – Choose to take student learning deeper and reinforce concepts with a “buffet” of easy-to-use extension activities, including hands-on activities, games, writing prompts, videos, and outdoor learning opportunities.
  • Student planning booklet – Students use the easy-to-print student booklet that guides them through designing their sustainable community of the future, with room for student notes, drawings, and reflection.
  • Build time – Students design their future community using ideas from their planning booklet and build connections between each topic to plan and build their future community. 
  • Teacher Forum – Share your experiences, read lesson feedback and connect with other teachers using the Teacher Forum at the bottom of each lesson.

Please note:

  • Group registration: 10% off for group purchase of 10 using this discount code: DVK3JRJV
  • Each license includes $10 towards accessing excellent supplementary Sustainability Educational Resources
  • By purchasing this license you agree to receive related email communication from Wildsight Education
  • Learn more at and read in the FAQ
  • Our partners at Wildsight Education, which we have partnered with to make this available, have instilled a sense of stewardship and love for nature in students for almost 25 years. FutureMakers makes engaging, hope-filled environmental education resources accessible to more teachers.

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