Groundswell: Indigenous Knowledge and a Call to Action for Climate Change


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Published by our Indigenous partners at Strong Nations, Groundswell is a collection of stirring and passionate essays from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers that, together, present a compelling message about how traditional Indigenous knowledge and practices can and must be used to address climate change. The chapters eloquently interconnect, taking us from radical thinking to the gentleness of breath, demonstrating that we are all in this together, that we must understand what needs to be accomplished and participate in the care of Mother Earth.

Pages 193

Authors tap into religious and spiritual perspectives, explore the wisdom of youth, and share the insights of a nature-based philosophy. These collective writings give you a chance to contemplate and formulate your own direction. A moral revolution that can produce a groundswell of momentum toward a diverse society based on human rights, Indigenous rights, and the rights of Mother Earth.

With 208 pages, beautifully illustrated with photographs, Groundswell is augmented with a Curriculum Correlation Chart for Grades 11 & 12.

Profits from the book will help support the videos, documentary, and future projects of The Call to Action for Climate Change. Visit

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