Introductory Educator Outdoor Learning Kit


This introductory kit for educators offers the essentials to support teachers in taking their learning outdoors.

  • Outdoor Sit Pad
  • Recycled & Weatherproof Clipboard
  • Field Journal with Waterproof Paper
  • Teacher Resource – Dirty Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors
  • Teacher Resource – A Walking Curriculum Teacher Resource: Evoking Wonder and Developing a Sense of Place
  • Comes in a Basic Backpack made from recycled pop bottles!

Basic Outdoor Sit Pad (green)

These weather-resistant closed-cell foam sit pads are comfortable and easy to carry. They fit in a student backpack, making it easy for educators to move students into a comfortable learning space outdoors. They stay pliable in cold weather to keep your students comfortable.

Please note: If students pick at these, or if they are rubbed on very rough surfaces, this will decrease the life of the sit pad. For a more durable option, check out our more durable and recycled sit pad.

"Easy to carry around and access while outside. Kids can carry outdoor learning seats easily with a clipboard." - Teacher, Southeast Kootenay School District 5

Ethical Elements: Options for repurposing sit pad. Read more about our ethical policies & practices.

The Inside Scoop: We knew we had to find a good quality but affordable sit pad if we wanted to open an outdoor learning store. After years of cutting up foam camping pads, we found this one! Way more comfortable than a camping pad, and we've tested this one in all conditions, and have had great feedback.

In stock (can be backordered)

Field Journal with Waterproof Paper

These journals feature all-weather & recyclable writing paper that sheds water and enables you to write with a pencil anywhere, in any weather conditions. A versatile option for any conditions that Mother Nature throws at you!

Colours: We have access to both yellow and green, but access to colours varies considerably from our supplier and so we will provide you with the colour available at the time of order.

Ethical Elements: Recyclable paper. Offered in partnership with Take Me Outside, a Canadian non-profit organization committed to raising awareness and facilitating action on nature connection and outdoor learning in schools across Canada. 50% of the proceeds of this go to Take Me Outside Canada.

The Inside Scoop: We know that writing outside can be a limiting factor for outdoor learning, especially in the rainy season! So we were thrilled when our friends at Take Me Outside got in touch with a solution. We know that this will help many to take their learning outside, despite the varied weather our country offers us!

In stock (can be backordered)

Dirty Teaching: A Beginner's Guide to Learning Outdoors

This practical resource book offers tips and tricks to help any teacher develop variety in their teaching. One of the keys to a happy and creative classroom is getting out of it, and this book will give you the confidence to do it. It contains a wealth of ideas that allow teachers and parents to encourage outdoor learning and improve student participation. All you need is your coat, a passion for learning– oh, and bring the kids too!

"This is an amazing resource for grades K-5 teachers. The book even includes examples of outdoor monthly calendars of easy things you can add to your schedule starting from the first day of school and a handy chart that helps to cross reference ideas to subject areas. After reading the book (and keeping it within reaching distance), any teacher should feel confident in starting the outdoor learning process for both themselves and their students."

Juliet Robertson is one of the world's leading education consultants who specializes in outdoor learning and play. She works at a national level delivering training, giving keynote speeches, leading and supporting innovative outdoor projects and writing content for websites, documents and case studies. She is passionate about enabling schools, play organizations and early years settings to provide quality outdoor learning and play opportunities for children and young people.

214 pages

The Inside Scoop: Ever since we hosted UK author Juliet Robertson in hosting in-person professional development sessions (photo below) we've been hooked! Juliet is a pro at providing easy to access ideas applicable to a range of ages and types of educators.

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A Walking Curriculum

Evoking Wonder and Developing a Sense of Place 
The English version of Gillians much loved book.

A Walking Curriculum provides easy-to-use, child-centred and developmentally appropriate activities that make outdoor learning – regardless of whether you’re surrounded by trees or concrete – memorable, meaningful and fun. Printed with ink that is chlorine-free and the acid-free interior paper is Forest Stewardship Council certified.

"Fabulous resource to get your kids outside for more than just “a walk” but a walk with purpose and relevance! Great read for educators wanting to embrace outdoor education." - School District 47 Principal

Accompanying (Free) Resource: Walking Forward: Indigenous Perspectives in Learning from Place

Accompanying Resource: Playing in the Muck and Other Art Activities: Imaginative Art Activities for The Walking Curriculum

The Inside Scoop: Gillian has been such a fantastic & enthusiastic person to work with! She conveys her ideas succinctly with clarity, and we were thrilled to be able to work with her on piloting our first ‘Earthy Chat’s podcast! (see below)

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Basic Backpack (made from recycled pop bottles!)

These lightweight & affordable backpacks allow each student to store & transport their outdoor learning equipment & resources. The size of main pouch is 45cm high x 32.5cm wide x 25cm deep. Straps can be manually adjusted for length. They are suitable for grades 3+ (including teachers!) but can be adjusted to make shorter for younger/smaller students.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water with like colors. Hang or lay flat to dry only. Do not machine wash, do not machine / tumble dry. Do not bleach.

Ethical Elements: Made from recycled pop bottles, and sourced for a socially ethical supplier. Read more about our ethical policies & practices.

The Inside Scoop: After looking at dozens of options, this one rose to the surface as one that was affordable, modelled sustainable practices, fit a variety of ages, and have an adequate volume. And we were very pleased to work with a company that has very high ethical standards to source this!

Are your Basic Backpack straps a little long for the little ones? Never fear! The straps are incredibly easy to adjust! Watch how below!


Blue (with zipper pocket)

Recycled & Weatherproof Clipboard (green)

Our clipboards are durable, weatherproof, and made from recycled plastic!

This easy-to-write-on surface provides a simple option for turning the outdoors into your classroom. :)

"The plastic clipboards are a game changer for outdoor ed." - Teacher, Southeast Kootenay School District 5

Ethical Elements: Made from recycled plastic, and sourced from a company that has exceptionally high social and environmental standards. Read more about our ethical policies & practices.

The Inside Scoop: After looking high and low for a recycled clipboard, we were so glad to find this one with a local company with such high standards. While a bit higher cost than run-of-the-mill clipboards, we know it won't disappoint!



In stock (can be backordered)

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