Metis ‘Connecting to the Land’ Kids Book Bundle


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This book bundle provides 10 excellent learning resources for kids to explore Métis knowledge, culture and history connected to the land. It includes translations into Michif, and offers incredibly vibrant illustrations giving insight into Métis life.

Author Leah Dorion is a Métis artist, author, curriculum developer, lecturer and researcher. She has taught Métis History and Native Studies for the First Nations University of Canada, the Gabriel Dumont Institute and the University of Saskatchewan. She is also a visual artist and an instructor at the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program.

This Bundle includes:

  1. Relatives With Roots (54 pages + cd)
  2. The Giving Tree (31 pages)
  3. How the Moon Came to Be (16 pages)
  4. Métis and Dandelions (16 pages)
  5. Métis Singing Sticks: A Story About Métis Musical Traditions (16 pages)
  6. Pemmican Berries (16 pages)
  7. Poems to Honour Mother Earth (16 pages)
  8. The Helpful Sasquatch (16 pages)
  9. Métis Transport Boxes (16 pages)
  10. The Story of the Tamarack Tree (16 pages)

Strong Stories - Metis Series


Books in the Métis series include the following from author and illustrator Leah Marie Dorion:

How the Moon Came to Be    (16 pages)
Métis and Dandelions    (16 pages)
Métis Singing Sticks: A Story About Métis Musical Traditions    (16 pages)
Pemmican Berries    (16 pages)
Poems to Honour Mother Earth    (16 pages)
The Helpful Sasquatch    (16 pages)
Métis Transport Boxes    (16 pages)
The Story of the Tamarack Tree    (16 pages)


In stock (can be backordered)

The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree is a retelling of a traditional Metis Story. It is written in English and translated to Michif, a Metis language. The story is of a tree where the Metis people would stop for rest on their journeys. This tree was located halfway between related Metis communities so it was a popular rest stop.

(31 pages)


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Relatives With Roots


Relatives With Roots: A Story About Métis Women’s Connection to the Land is a heartfelt story about a Métis grandmother who takes her granddaughter out into the bush to teach her how to pick traditional medicines. As the granddaughter learns the traditional beliefs and stories about how the Métis people use the plants for food and medicine, she feels happy to be a Métis child with access to such wonderful cultural knowledge. This charming and vibrant book introduces young readers to key concepts in the traditional Métis worldview while focusing on the special relationship between a young Métis girl and her grandmother.

(54 pages + cd)


In stock (can be backordered)

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