Ktunaxa artist Carol Louie provided the art for the feather and ideas for the design. Robert Louie (Ktunaxa) and Denice Louie (Athabascan) completed the design work in collaboration with their summer youth worker Gabe Kobasiuk (Cree). Robert Louie was a residential school survivor who passed away in 2022. Most of his siblings also went to residential school.

“The heart with the broken lines was used to show how the residential school affected our people, our connections, our teachings. Though fractured, the hearts of our people continue and remain strong. And in all of our hearts, at the center of our communities are the little ones, our future – represented by the child’s hand. The eagle feather honours and recognizes all the children who were forced into residential school.”

These flags are 36″ x 72″ (standard size flag) and come with grommets on the top and bottom of the left side. They have been smudged with sweetgrass and sage to honour the missing and the survivors of Residential schools. Each order will be accompanied by a letter from one of our Indigenous Advisors, and a copy of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action.

$15 from the purchase of each flag will be directed equally between the Orange Shirt SocietyThe Legacy Of Hope Foundation and the Residential School Survivors Society. Any remaining proceeds will go towards outdoor and land-based learning charities and non-profits that are endeavoring to do their part to deepen understanding and take action towards reconciliation.

We have posted a number of Indigenous Learning Resources that we encourage you to learn from and share.

“Please join us and begin this journey of healing for all Indigenous people by flying this flag in honour of all the missing children and to the survivors of these schools. Your support is so important and the flag reminds us that we all have work to do to unmask the truth.”

– Jenna Jasek, Shuswap Band Member, District VP for Indigenous Learning and Equity for Rocky Mountain School District and Indigenous Advisor to The Outdoor Learning Store