Shapes and Patterns in Nature


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Indulge in the captivating world of colors! Dive into the world of the diverse shapes and patterns that are hiding everywhere in nature.

Nature and colors again? Why not! You’d be surprised how often the same shapes and patterns are repeated in nature. What is shaped like a heart or a star around us? Which animal, mineral, or plant is pointed and which of them wears wavy shapes? The ground, underground, even the deep dark seas are teeming with waves, dots, stripes, playful spots, curly spirals, and complicated patterns.

Even the tiniest ones have a place in nature and a reason to be there. Camouflage patterns help animals blend in with their surroundings, while the more distinct ones serve them during courtship or when spooking an intruder. Discover marvelous shapes and patterns you can find all around you. The first book in this series was selected by the Wall Street Journal in the “Best Picture Books for Kids.”

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