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A Game of Hope and Action for the Climate

Solutions was designed with educators in mind. Each solution card played requires students to actively engage with the solution, thinking critically and discussing it with their peers. Students will be having so much fun, they won’t realize they’re learning!

Solutions is more than just a game: it is a learning experience for your students. After playing, students can pick their favorite solution and turn it into a real-world project. Our sample curriculum will guide you through using the game in your classroom, or provide inspiration for crafting the experience as you see fit. The curriculum includes a lesson plan and sample projects to give your students a starting point.

❓ How many games do I need for my classroom?

Each copy of Solutions can be played by more than 8 players if needed. However, we recommend keeping games to 8 to encourage participation by all students.

The sweet spot for student engagement is 4-6 players. This is a great number to keep each student maximally engaged in every discussion and reduces the likelihood that shy students feel left out.

❓ What age students can play the game?

Ages 12+. The discussions that different age groups have while playing Solutions vary in complexity, but the value in sparking discussions and creativity remains the same. We have successfully tested the game with elementary, high school, bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students.

❓ How long does it take to play?

We’ve designed a ‘Short Mode’ specifically for teachers with tight schedules and short classes, which generally takes 30-45 minutes if students have read the rulebook as homework. If you have a longer class, the normal game takes 60-90 minutes, which lets students see more solutions and have more discussions.

Please note that these time estimates are based on the average group. Because this is a discussion-based game, playing time can vary depending on how much time your students take for discussion. If students are engrossed in having long discussions, it is up to your discretion whether or not you hurry them along. However, in our experience, allowing these deep discussions can be more valuable than finishing the game. If time is running out, you can instruct students that the game will end on an earlier turn.

✅ Includes a FREE Lesson Plan!

There are some wonderful educator resources included, developed with ClimateScience.

This lesson plan will:

  1. Guide you on integrating the game into your classroom
  2. Help you teach students the minimum background knowledge required to play the game
  3. Inspire you to use the game as a starting point for homework, class projects, and extracurricular activities

Solutions Board Game

It’s a race against time to fight climate change. You and your friends must work together to reduce global emissions before it’s too late! As you strategically deploy various climate solutions, you will be tested on your knowledge and your ability to prioritize. You will need to think critically about each solution and discuss with your teammates in order to avoid catastrophe.

Solutions is an intense, non-traditional game based on discussion (like Cards Against Humanity but for climate change!) Designed for and tested with gamers, non-gamers, climate experts, and even those who have no particular interest in climate.

Every year, global temperatures increase, keeping you under constant pressure. In order to keep the Earth cool, players will propose climate solutions. However, some solutions can have more impact than others!

In stock

Solutions: The Game - Teacher’s Guide Download

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