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A Spring Adventure with Animals Book Bundle


In stock

In stock


In partnership with Strong Nations, we are pleased to offer this book bundle written by 2 authors – one Indigenous and the other non-Indigenous. Authors use both fiction and non-fiction as a unique approach to storytelling.

On left-hand pages, lyrical text and colourful illustrations tell stories of young animals and their early morning spring adventures. Expertly woven into these delightful stories are interesting facts about the young animals and other plants and animals in that ecosystem.

This Bundle includes:

  1. A Spring Adventure with Robins (24 pages)
  2. A Spring Adventure with Deer (24 pages)
  3. A Spring Adventure with Beavers  (24 pages)
  4. A Spring Adventure with Crows (24 pages)

Captioned and labelled photographs, word boxes, a diagram, and a map make the non-fiction portion of these books an accessible source of information for young readers.

Science Connections: Biodiversity, animal classification, food chains, life cycles, ecosystems, geology, and the connections between living and non-living things are some of the concepts included in this book.

Recommended for grades 2 and 3.

A Spring Adventures With Beavers

“The kit uses her webbed back feet and little flat tail to push through the water. She swims down the tunnel and out into the pond. At the surface of the water, she sees a dragonfly. She follows it to the edge of the pond. It settles on a big rock.”

In stock (can be backordered)

A Spring Adventures With Crows

“The fledgling lands safely at the foot of the tree. He looks around. He sees a ladybug crawling along the leaf of a stinging nettle. He is curious. Is it good to eat? He hops up onto a smooth, black rock to take a closer look.”

In stock (can be backordered)

A Spring Adventures With Deer

“The buzzing sound fades away when the bee flies off. The fawn twitches his large ears and looks about. He can hear trickling water close by. He walks to the far side of the meadow, down a rocky bank, and to a little creek below.”

In stock (can be backordered)

A Spring Adventures With Robins

“The fledgling lands in the dry leaves, cones, and twigs on the forest floor. He stops for a moment. He looks around. He is wondering about the little flowers on the kinnikinnick plants. Are they food? He hops up onto a nearby rock to take a closer look.”

In stock (can be backordered)

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