Strong Science Animals: Indigenous Resource Bundle

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Indigenous Resource Bundle for Primary / Early Years Educators

This bundle includes one copy of each of the 16 Strong Science – Animals titles and the accompanying Strong Science: Animals – Teacher’s Guide.

About the Strong Science – Animals Series

Strong Science – Animals is a language-based science series for primary students featuring animals that students will recognize. Photographs and Indigenous artwork illustrate the series. Common learning objectives in science curricula are addressed, and suggestions for extending the learning to other curriculum areas, including Indigenous cultural awareness, language arts, math, and art, are included in the teacher’s guide.

The 16 books in this series are grouped into four levels that increase in complexity, designed to accommodate students with various reading abilities within a classroom. This feature facilitates the use of this series in literacy programs along with the Strong Readers series.

Books in this series are divided into four levels: Early Primary 1 (EP1); Early Primary 2 (EP2); Early Primary 3 (EP3); Early Primary 4 (EP4). Font size decreases as language complexity and word count increase across levels: EP1 books have approximately 40 words, EP2 books have approximately 60 words, EP3 books have approximately 80 words, and EP4 books have approximately 100 words.

Each book is 16 pages, 6.5″ x 5.5″, and paperback.

About the Strong Science – Animals: Teacher’s Guide

This teacher’s guide supports a language-based Science unit for early primary classrooms, using the sixteen titles in Strong Nations Publishing’s Strong Science – Animals series.

The unit introduces early primary students to four easily recognizable animals that live in or near many communities in Canada: beaver, black-tailed deer, mallard duck, and raccoon.

In addition, this teacher’s guide addresses other curriculum areas— Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Art—and provides information to help develop an appreciation for and understanding of Indigenous cultures.

This teacher-friendly, comprehensive teacher’s guide provides:

  • lesson plans to introduce the books in the Strong Science – Animals series;
  • lesson plans to address knowledge and skills common to Canadian Science curricula;
  • activities to integrate the unit across the curriculum;
  • activities to wrap up the units

The teacher’s guide is 170 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, and coil bound.

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