Strong Stories – Kanyen’keha:ka Series


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Own the entire set of Kanyen’keha:ka Strong Stories written by Michelle Corneau! (8 books total)

Included is one copy of each of the following books:

Big Bear    (16 pages)
Kanyen’kehà:ka Clans    (16 pages)
Creation Story Sky Woman    (16 pages)
The Thanksgiving Address    (16 pages)
The Game    (16 pages)
The Three Sisters    (16 pages)
The Woodpecker    (16 pages)
Two Row Wampum    (16 pages)


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Big Bear ISBN: 978-1-77174-114-9, Pages: 16, Softcover
Kanyen’kehà:ka Clans ISBN: 978-1-77174-116-3, Pages: 16, Softcover
Creation Story Sky Woman ISBN: 978-1-77174-115-6, Pages: 16, Softcover
The Thanksgiving Address ISBN:  978-1-77174-117-0, Pages: 16, Softcover
The Game ISBN: 978-1-77174-118-7, Pages: 16, Softcover
The Three Sisters ISBN: 978-1-77174-119-4, Pages: 16, Softcover
The Woodpecker ISBN: 978-1-77174-120-0, Pages: 16, Softcover
Two Row Wampum ISBN: 978-1-77174-121-7, Pages: 16, Softcover

This book can only be ordered as part of the Strong Stories Bundle.