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70 Sensory Activities for All Ages!

The Book of Nature Connection is packed with fun activities for using all our senses to engage with nature in a deep and nourishing way. It is a fantastic resource for educators, camp and youth leaders, caregivers and parents.

Author, Jacob Rodenburg (nature sommelier) is an award-winning educator, executive director of Camp Kawartha, a summer camp and outdoor education center, and instructor in environmental education at Trent University. He has taught more than 100,000 students and is co-author of The Big Book of Nature Activities.

From “extenda-ears” and acorn whistles to bird calls, camouflage games, and scent scavenger hunts, enjoy over 70 diverse, engaging, sensory activities for all ages that promote mindfulness and nature connection. With activities grouped by the main senses – hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste – plus sensory walks and group games, The Book of Nature Connection is both a powerful learning tool kit and the cure for sensory anesthesia brought on by screen time and lives lived indoors.

Whisper in birds, be dazzled by nature’s kaleidoscope of colors, taste the freshness of each season, learn to savor the scented world of evergreens, hug a tree and feel the bark against your cheek. Spending time in nature with all senses tuned and primed helps us feel like we belong to the natural world – and in belonging, we come to feel more connected, nourished, and alive.

128 pages

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Listen in to our Earthy Chats Podcast Episode 15 with author, Jacob Rodenburg!

What is a ‘nature sommelier’? How are seeing and noticing different? Why is storytelling such a powerful outdoor learning tool? Find out about building nature connection and Jacob’s new book ‘The Book of Nature Connection’ next month!

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