The Sky Above and the Mud Below


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Author David Sobel walks readers through the nitty-gritty facts of running a nature-based program. Organized around nine themes, each chapter begins with an overview from the author, followed by case studies from diverse early childhood programs, ranging from those that serve at-risk children to public preschools to university farm programs to Waldorf schools.

David Sobel is a Professor Emeritus in the Education Department at Antioch University New England in Keene, NH and he consults and speaks widely on child development and place-based education with schools, environmental organizations and the National Park Service. He has authored eight books and more than 70 articles focused on children and nature for educators, parents, environmentalists and school administrators in the last 30 years.

254 pages

The Inside Scoop: Ever since we hosted David on a series of in-person workshops, we were hooked! Before adding this resource to our store, we tested it with hundreds of educators with rave reviews. His philosophy, approach and ideas are deserving of his world renowned reputation.

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