Walking Forward: Indigenous Perspectives in Learning from Place


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The benefits of teachers moving learning outdoors are well established – rambunctious learners are able to focus, shy children find different ways to express themselves, anxious learners become better able to regulate their emotions, every one breathes a bit more deeply. Getting outdoors is a starting place. But what if we moved from learning outdoors to learning from the outdoors? What if we thought of Place as the teacher? What if we bring imagination to the heart of the practice? How can an understanding of Place and engagement of imagination help move us along the critically important path towards reconciliation? How can First Peoples’ Principles of Learning guide our teaching?

This 45 page printed resource will help answer these questions. You will find powerful examples of how teachers are bringing an inquiry mindset and imagination to changing the experiences of their learners and deepening their connection to Place. (You may never look at a mud puddle the same way again after you hear the questions posed by the Kindergarten learners.) You will look at human-made and natural lines in brand new ways. Your eyes and ears will be open to new possibilities and imagination will forever be on your radar. You will consider what it means to be a watchful listener. You will gain a deeper understanding of how the First People’s Principles and Indigenous worldviews can guide connections to Nature in all contexts.

Creating a resource like this requires a great deal of imagination, commitment, teamwork, patience and wisdom. The partnership between Heidi Wood and Gillian Judson, with the contribution of Nadine McSpaddin and her colleagues has resulted in an invaluable tool for teachers everywhere.

Access the .pdf for free anytime. This resource set comes with a printed copy that is included at cost.

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