Spring TIPS (Teaching Imagination in Place)

Here are all your Spring TIPS resources

All the activities, links, and resources you need to participate are linked below. Just click the corresponding day and dive in!

Videos are made live the day they are shared in your email to keep you on track but all will be available after the course has finished for 3 months. 

You will receive an email each day Monday – Fri (excluding holidays) for the month leading up to Earth Day. (March 27th – April 21st)

Each day’s email includes the link to a brief (1 min) instructional (practice-focused) videos from imaginative ecological educators who use cognitive tools all the time in their outdoor (and indoor) learning practice. It also includes links to easy-to-read blogs on each cognitive tool and why it is powerful for learning.

There is also a Walking Curriculum activity for you to try with your students. In addition to your own critical Place-based reflection we hope you practice using the cognitive tools with your students—in the ways we suggest, if you want, but importantly, in your own ways in outdoor learning.

One week is dedicated to self-study and we hope you will continue this work outdoors 🙂

Spring TIPS – Introduction Video

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Day 1 – Live Workshop

Day 2 – Metaphor PT 1

Day 3 – Metaphor PT 2

Day 4 – Story Form PT 1

Day 5 – Story Form PT 2

Day 6 – Live Workshop 2

Day 7 – Heroic Qualities PT 1

Day 8 – Heroic Qualities PT 2

Day 9 – Change of Context PT 1

Day 10 – Change of Context PT 2

Day 11 – Self Study 1

Day 12 – Self Study 2

Day 13 – Self Study 3

Day 14 – Self Study 4

Day 15 – Live Workshop 3

Day 16 – Dramatic Oppositions PT 1

Day 17 – Dramatic Oppositions PT 2

Day 18 – Rhythm and Pattern PT 1

Day 19 – Rhythm and Pattern PT 2

Day 20 – Feedback Time