Stories in the Wild: Animal Tracks & Traces


Join Wildsight educators Patty Kolesnichenko and Jill Jennings as they dive into a world of mystery and intrigue, of tracks and traces, of clues left behind by creatures you often do not see – a world of animal signs. Animal tracks and signs create the perfect scaffolding to storytelling, investigation, imagination, and FUN – all found in nearby nature. 

Patty and Jill will share Wildsight’s “Stories in the Wild: Animal Tracks and Traces”, a resource that will bring the stories of the snow (or mud) to life! A track sheet with lifesize tracks and accompanying lesson plan, activities, and natural history cards will help educators to teach their learners how to become nature detectives and solve the mysteries left behind by our wild neighbours. 

Patty Kolesnichenko has worked as an environmental educator for over 20 years. Patty is in her element when teaching outdoor education and enjoys helping young people find meaningful connections to their natural environment.

Jill has been working in environmental education in many capacities throughout her career–from singing and dancing about all things “neat-ure” as an interpreter with Alberta Parks, to creating many successful environmental education programs in BC and beyond.

All registrants will be entered to win some great draw prizes! Following the workshop, you will receive a discount code to access the resources shared, the recording, and a link to access your Certificate of Attendance.

Create your own ‘Stories in the Wild’ with our new Animal Tracks and Traces Kit: NOW AVAILABLE!

This kit includes:

  1. Stories in the Wild: Tracking Ground Sheet & Resources
  2. Track Pack: Coyote, Deer, Squirrel, Hare, Owl, Crow (replicas)
  3. Scat Pack: Coyote, Deer, Mouse, Squirrel (replicas)
  4. Animal Tracks & Traces Fold-out Nature Guide
  5. This all comes in drawstring backpack made from recycled pop bottles!