The Outdoor Learning Virtual Workshop Seasonal Series

We are excited to offer this series in partnership with Take Me Outside and our Outdoor Learning Partners!

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  • Workshops are 60 minutes and will take place at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern.
  • For those who can’t attend live these will each be recorded and posted on our Recordings Page
  • Following the workshop, participants will receive a link through which they can access a certificate of attendance.
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Classrooms to Communities: The Best Resources for Outdoor Learning!

Tues, Sept 13 – 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

With an Exceptional Panel of Outdoor Learning Partners


Join us to learn from a number of our Outdoor Learning Partner Organizations which have developed some of the best resources in the outdoor learning field. 

Representatives from Natural Curiosity, ImaginED, The Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIEE) and Green Teacher will all be on hand to respond to questions from our facilitators, as well as the audience, in this engaging virtual panel presentation. 

All registrants will be entered to win the Classrooms to Communities Resource Set, and will also receive a discount code for our non-profit Outdoor Learning Store, and a link to receive a Certificate of Attendance. 


Life Underground: Student Soil Exploration Resources & Activities  

Tues, Sept 20 – 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

With Teachers Megan Zeni & Sarah Regan


Join teachers Megan Zeni & Sarah Regan to dig in on how the study of soil can become a playful, engaging and cross-curricular inquiry with curated texts and resources. 

Megan & Sarah have been job share partners in their outdoor and garden classroom for the past six years. Together, they re-imagined where and how prep time was delivered in their school to create a full time teaching position that allows them to teach K-5 entirely outdoors, across the curriculum in all weather and seasons. They truly dig soil, and want to share their passion with you!

Upon registration, registrants will receive a discount code by email to access their new Student Soil Exploration Kit, along with the other Outdoor Learning Resources & Equipment offered on our non-profit Outdoor Learning Store.


Animals Care for Mother Earth: An Indigenous Teaching Resource for Personal Development

Tues, Sept 27 – 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

With Indigenous Author & Artist, Bill Helin


Indigenous author and artist, Bill Helin, will share his new resource, Animals Care for Mother Earth: A Teaching Resource for Personal Development, which consists of six contemporary, interrelated stories and supporting resources for teachers. In the first story, animals cooperate to clean up a polluted pond. In subsequent stories, they care for each other in the aftermath of the pollution problem, demonstrating strength of character and social responsibility. This resource can be accessed as a bundle that includes animal finger puppets and stamps designed by Bill, along with Indigenous Plant Cards.

Bill Helin is of Tsimshian/Norwegian descent and is a member of the Tsimshian Nation.  His grandfather Henry William Helin, was Chief of the Gitlan Tribe, and his grandmother Maud Helin, was Chief of the Gitgeese Tribe. Bill spent many hours listening to his grandmother in wonder, as she told him many Legends of the Tsimshian People.

Upon registration, registrants will receive a discount code by email to support them in accessing the Animals Care for Mother Earth Bundle, along with a variety of other Indigenous Learning Resources.


Nature Connection: Sensory Activities for All Ages

Tues, Oct 4 – 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

With Author & Nature Sommelier, Jacob Rodenburg


Spending time in nature with all senses tuned and primed helps us feel like we belong to the natural world – and in belonging, we come to feel more connected, nourished, and alive. In this workshop, author Jacob Rodenburg will share ideas, activities and inspiration from his most recent resource, The Book of Nature Connection: 70 Sensory Activities for All Ages. 

Jacob Rodenburg, nature sommelier, is an award-winning educator, executive director of Camp Kawartha, a summer camp and outdoor education center, and instructor in environmental education at Trent University. He has taught more than 100,000 students and is co-author of The Big Book of Nature Activities.

Upon registration, registrants will receive a discount code by email to support them in accessing The Book of Nature Connection, The Big Book of Nature Activities, and a variety of other excellent Outdoor Learning Resources for Educators.


Take Me Outside Day & Week!

Oct 17 – 21

With Take Me Outside and Friends


Take Me Outside Week helps to raise awareness about outdoor learning by encouraging teachers to take their students outside. Last year 8,900 educators and nearly 400,000 learners joined in on the activities and learning opportunities provided. 

We look forward to working with our partners to host a full week of speakers, activities and events for students. We will provide resources and opportunities to deepen connections with Indigenous perspectives, strengthen our health and well-being, and increase our knowledge on climate change and the environment.

All participants will be eligible to win prizes from The Outdoor Learning Store!


Teaching Green in the Elementary Years

Tues, Nov 15 – 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

With Educators from Green Teacher


Join educators from Green Teacher to discover kid-tested practical ideas to help young people develop a strong connection with the natural world, and support their understanding of the social and global aspects of our environment. They will offer a snapshot of stories that cover a wide spectrum of environmental topics and present a large diversity of practical projects and learning strategies.

Green Teacher is a registered charity serving a global network. They are dedicated to helping educators, both inside and outside of schools, enhance environmental literacy among young learners.

Upon registration, registrants will receive a discount code by email to support them in accessing educators resources, including resources from Green Teacher such as Teaching Green (Elementary Years, Middle Years and High School Years) as well as Teaching Kids About Climate Change, Teaching Teens About Climate Change and Teaching About Invasive Species.


Accessibility in Outdoor Learning

Tues, Nov 29 – 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

With Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant, Karen Lai 


Join Karen Lai for an honest and open discussion on accessibility in the outdoors with a focus on people with disabilities and what real inclusivity looks like. 

Karen is an experienced outdoor adventurer, consultant and facilitator who has been helping people with disabilities find their place for over twenty years. Karen demonstrates openness and curiosity in her work, creating an environment that encourages questions and conversations based on her own life experience with cerebral palsy. 

Karen holds a Master of Arts in Human Kinetics and her thesis focused on social inclusion. Karen will guide educators on a journey into understanding what belonging and value means for different students. 

Upon registration, registrants will receive a discount code by email to support them in accessing a variety of resources to support developing programming that is more inclusive.


Some feedback we’ve received: 

  • “Thank you so much for all of the professional learning sessions — they affirmed that getting kids outside and connecting kids with place and planet is worth it!”
  • “Everyone with a thirst for knowledge should jump in here! Beginners, experts, there’s something for everyone. AND information you can take back to your students use tomorrow!”
  • “This series of workshops was a breath of fresh air! I enjoyed logging on and listening every Thursday night, it was what kept me excited to go back into the classroom the next day and try new things. I am so thankful for this series.”